Danube BPM Platform

Danube BPM platform

The technical architecture delivered within the GET Danube platform has been designed according to industry standards such as Component-Based Development and Model-Driven Architecture, and up-to-date architectural styles like RESTful Web Services. It can be easily integrated with the existing enterprise technological landscape or invoked directly by other applications. By making information and business processes easily accessible across all applications, GET products originating from the GET Danube platform enable very high levels of interoperability and portability to quickly adapt to changing business demands.

Danube BPM Platform offers basic building blocks for application development so the development never starts from scratch. Comprehensive visualization tools, configurable workflows, flexible event management, real-time event monitoring, and rich BI functionalities offer a set of features that are easy to combine into a solution that perfectly matches your business needs. Danube BPM platform offers access through Web and Mobile, and a rich feature set that contains:

  • Process designer
  • Current step indicators
  • Custom fields with per step configuration
  • Workflow support and visual representation of process tasks
  • Task expiration, assignments, and escalation
  • Advanced reporting and workflow dashboards for performance management and Business Activity Monitoring
  • Content Management System
  • Document Generation (PDF, Word, etc.)

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