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Danube Document Approval enables easy document tracking and document approval inside a business enterprise. During regular business processes, an organization creates various types and versions of official documents. Danube Document Approval offers a solution for keeping business processes and the underlying documentation in sync. Since “Document Approval” is a product with highly configurable workflow, various scenarios in HR, business administration, and finance department can be easily supported.

Danube Document Approval utilizes the full power of the Danube BPM platform which includes integrated user management, configurable workflows, notifications, and document tracking, allowing you to easily organize your business and keep it up to date with the underlying documents.

A collaborative process with transparent business rules

Create and Approve new document functionality allows the document creator to propose a new document that has to be reviewed and approved by one or more team members.
Review Existing Document functionality allows the entire team to collaborate on a new version of the existing document.

Role-based access to the sensitive documents

Public & Private document space gives different levels of access for various roles, depending on the predefined permission level.
Full-Text Search is an advanced search tool capable of searching through document content based on the user permission level. Only the section of the document for which the particular user has appropriate permission will be included in the Full-text Search.

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