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PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and CAD (Computer Aided Design) (Consultancy and technical competence)

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) is a system for managing the entire lifecycle of a product, starting from the draft phase, when the product is only a sketch on the paper and in the engineer’s mind, all the way to serial production and the later retirement from the market. It is often integrated with CAD and Test Management solutions, giving your business a global system not only for managing the lifecycle of the product, but also for storing all the relevant product documents and conducting the required tests. Implementation of such a system often calls for experienced and proficient consultants who can understand customer business needs and processes, who are familiar with different solutions on the market, and who are skilled enough to know how to map customer business requirements to a software solution. Moreover, they must be excellent “teachers” with exceptional communication skills to develop the culture of PLM in an organization.

This is where GET steps in. Our consultants, with more than 10 years of experience working for tier one automotive suppliers, will help you get your product on the market faster, without jeopardising its quality. Experienced in collecting business requirements, documenting specification and training material, working with developers to customize solutions, giving training and providing support when necessary, GET consultants will bring real added value to the implementation of your PLM and Test Management solutions. Throughout the years, we have worked with many different PLM, CAD and Test Management solutions, amongst which Enovia MatrixOne and Enovia V6 stand out, coupled with CATIA V5. Our consultants will do their part of the work, while our developers will make Enovia and CATIA V5 fit perfectly to your business and design processes.

PLM (Consultancy and technical competence)

  • Consultancy services in the PLM domain. Supported technologies: Enovia MatrixOne, Enovia V6
  • Enovia V6 customization – Java, JSP, MQL, TCL programming

CAD (Consultancy competence)

Consultancy services for the CAD domain. Supported technologies: CATIA V5, Siemens NX, various CATIA tools (CAA).

Test Management and Support (Consultancy competence)

Test management consultancy services. Support to end users and key users, trainings, functional specification writing for the improvement of Teexme, UAT, weekly KPI, etc.
Supported technologies: Bassetti Teexma, interface between Enovia MatrixOne & Teexma.

ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) (Technical competence)

ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) is a set of processes for managing the entire lifecycle of a software product. Unlike Software Development Lifecycle, which is limited to the software development phases only, ALM encompasses all the processes needed to successfully manage a software product (requirements management, architecture, development, testing, maintenance, change management, etc.).

GET customers in this industry are tier one automotive suppliers, whose main focus is embedded software development for futuristic autonomous vehicles. GET teams are responsible for developing new and extending existing software solutions used to successfully drive embedded software development according to a very strict set of processes.

  • Development of flexible build framework
  • End user clients for working with software configuration management systems,
  • Software requirements and traceability validation software,
  • Interfaces for data exchange between OEM and the supplier
  • Interface for linking requirements management software and software configuration management systems
  • Data migration tools and scripts,
  • Support tools: system health checks, reports, ticket handling tools, data visualization tools etc.

After the end of development and going to production, our support teams take over maintenance of the developed solution, thus providing customers full service and security for their business.

Support for systems: ALM (Application Lifecycle Management), Collabnet TeamForge, Serena Dimensions CM, Jenkins, Git and Gerrit, IBM Rational DOORS.

Functional requests conversions: conversion of documents from one entry format (PDF, DOC, XLS, RIF, etc.) into IBM DOORS format. Tools used are custom VBA scripts, Atego as well as IBM DOORS.

R&D IS (Research & Development Information Systems) (Technical competence)

R&D IS (Research & Development Information System) is the backbone of any R&D system. The main task is to have all the systems up and running at all times, without having to think about what and who is in the background taking care of the infrastructure and applications crucial for your business. GET R&D IS team is made up of highly skilled administrators with 10 years of experience working with tier one automotive suppliers on the maintenance of time-critical R&D applications and infrastructure. The list of applications being handled by the GET team is very long, so we will just mention some of them: CATIA V5, various CAA, Enovia PLM (MatrixOne and V6), Serena Dimensions, Jenkins, IBM DOORS, Cenit FlexPlus, IBM License management tool, Oracle DB, etc.

This includes all kinds of tasks related to R&D systems (administration): CATIA V5, Siemens NX, Siemens Team Centre, Enovia PLM, ALM, Serena Dimensions, Jenkins, IBM DOORS, Cenit Flex Plus, CATIA Launcher (made by Tata Technologies), IBM License Management Tool, MySQL, CAA (Transcat QChecker, Optis SPEOS, 3DCS, Geom Caliper, Enovia Integration), different types of integration, infrastructure monitoring, server administration.

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